Catherine’s Diary

A Year Without a Drink–Catherine’s Diary. A webcomic.

The webcomic "A year without a drink" will start on January 1st 2017!
The webcomic “A year without a drink” will start on January 1st 2017!


On the morning of January 1st, after a night of raising glass after glass of champagne to toast the New Year with family and friends, Catherine wakes up with a terrible hangover. Although she is usually careful not to drink to the point of feeling sick, her drinking habits have been bothering her lately. Maybe because this morning’s hangover is particularly bad or because the effects of alcohol are not completely gone, or maybe simply because January is the perfect day for a New Year’s resolution, she impulsively makes the big decision she had been contemplating for awhile: She will stop drinking for a whole year! And she will keep a diary of her new life as a teetotaler.

About the webcomic

Although A Year Without a Drink  is based on the author’s own experience with sobriety, it is a work of fiction. Through a series of comics and short texts, the reader will be able to follow the challenges the main character faces trying to remain sober in a world where, she will soon come to realize, drinking alcohol is not only omnipresent but expected. While Catherine struggles to find ways to overcome her personal strong urges for a cold glass of white wine, she also has to figure out how to deal with the many negative reactions and pressures coming from family, friends and even complete strangers. She will discover that a decision to improve her health, a choice that she saw as personal, is actually a public matter.

A Year Without a Drink was first published in French as Une année sans alcool on January 2014. It has since been published as a graphic novel: La Sobriété volontaire. Une année sans alcool, ©Danièle Archambault, 2015


La sobriété volontaire. Une année sans alcool. Roman graphique, Danièle Archambault. 2015
La sobriété volontaire. Une année sans alcool. Roman graphique, Danièle Archambault. 2015



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